Myth Busters Series

Myth Busters, Part 12 (3-24-2014)
MYTH: Mathew Brady shot Tintypes during the Civil War.

Myth Busters, Part 11 (3-24-2014)
MYTH: Pouring the collodion on a Mammoth plate is extremely challenging
and is the hardest part of shooting Mammoths.

Myth Busters, Part 10 (3-24-2014)
MYTH: Making real deal japanned tin Ferrotype plates is a grossly smelly,
expensive, and generally messy smokestack industry.

Myth Busters, Part 9 (2-24-2011)
MYTH: John Coffer is always right, knows everything worth knowing about
wet-plate photography, and never makes mistakes.

Myth Busters, Part 8 (2-24-2011)
MYTH: If it came out of an old 19th century manual or journal it is always right.

Myth Busters, Part 7 (5-15-2010)
MYTH: Using a "Helper Tray" is not authentic and is just not cool.

Myth Busters, Part 5 (1-21-2010)
MYTH: You can’t use Denatured Alcohol in your working collodion formula.

Myth Busters, Part 4 (1-14-2010)
MYTH of the Hot Fingertips
Myth Busters, Part 4 Addendum (2-16-2010)
Addendum to this very controversial Myth Buster

Myth Busters, Part 3 (3-9-2009)
MYTH: Using a Kerosene Lamp instead of a Spirit Lamp as a heat source is both
unauthentic and “dirty”
Myth Busters, Part 3 Addendum (2-24-2011)
The New Flameless Hot Water Heat Source for drying and varnishing plates works great!

Myth Busters, Part 2 (2-17-2009)
MYTH: You can use any canned black spray paint to make perfectly fine blackened plates
MYTH: You can use Ammonium Thiosulfate instead of Potassium Cyanide for a fixing agent
Myth Busters, Part 2 Addendum (5-15-2010)
Comparing Ilford Rapid Fixer to Potassium Cyanide Fixer
Myth Busters, Part 2 Addendum (7-21-2010)
Comparing plates fixed using Potassium Cyanide and Ammonium Thio-Cyanate
Myth Busters, Part 2 Addendum (9-23-2010)
Aluminotype verses Ferrotype

Myth Busters, Part 1 (1-18-2009)
MYTH: When problems occur it is usually the Silver Bath’s fault
MYTH: Your freshly mixed up Collodion Solution must be “perfectly clear” before it is ready for use
MYTH: Temperatures below 40 degrees F cause all sorts of problems
Myth Busters, Part 1 Addendum (2-7-2011)
More information on the myth of the silver bath