2010 Workshops - Class Photos

Class of May 20, 21, 22

L to R: Dan Schnorr, Tess DeConna, Frank Pittel, Steve Austin, and Jan Austin

Class of June 3, 4, 5

L to R: Lucas & Carlota Hernandez (assistants), Paul Elter, Christine Ross,
Wayne Aho, and Victoria Anderson

"Just Tintypes" Class of June 17, 18, 19

L to R: Heather Curiel, Chris Martell, Fran Blazon,
John Coffer, and Edith Weiler

"Just Tintypes" Class of July 22, 23, 24

L to R: Terry Eiswald, Lohn Breiland (Norway),
Anne Marie Rolfsnes (Norway), and Paul Dumanoski