2013 Workshops - Class Photos

Class of September 12, 13, 14

L to R: Gary Chapman (Australia), Russ Whatley, Jim Pyle, Julia Nelson, and Felix The Cat

"Just Tintypes" Class of August 29, 30, 31

L to R: Jon Fletcher, Jamie Nelson, and George Stewart
(Scan is from a 35mm Tintype)

Class of August 15, 16, 17

L to R: Jeff East, Chris Hill, and Michael Warren

"Just Tintypes" Class of July 25, 26, 27

L to R: Mike Brzoza, Jen Lucey-Brzoza, Scott Hillman, and Todd Lauther

Class of July 11, 12, 13

L to R: Kat Ryals, Blake Chorley, Trent Boysen, Gray Lyons, and Linda Wilson

"Just Tintypes" Class of June 13, 14, 15

L to R: Dana Rogers, Diana Byers, Bob Jaffee, and Corey Prince

Class of May 30, 31, June 1

L to R: Kevin Grey, Mike Puig, Bill Vaughn, Morgan Alexander, and J. Morgan Puett